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Welcome to the Araujo Business Insurance Agency, Inc., ABIA.  We are a Southern California based Property and Casualty insurance brokerage with over 30 years of "hands on" client solution driven experience.  Our focus is to partner with our family of clients to provide them with solid solutions for properly protecting their business and personal assets.  We do this by coordinating solid solutions and protection measures to assist in reducing the possibilities of loss, minimizing risk, enhance growth opportunities while maintaining organizational longevity as well as securing personal livelihoods.

We provide our services with your bottom line in mind.  ABIA provides all level of insurance solutions as well as supplemental services to assist your business to run smooth in order to maximize your profitability and secure the future of your business.

The Araujo Business Insurance Agency, Inc. services clients with national and international interests and multiple locations, mid level established business clients as well as small start up organizations.

Whether your project is large or small, our team of dedicated professionals will provide the resources and solutions that you need to get the job done right.  Our track record of consistency, timely service, and subject matter expertise makes no task insurmountable.


Business Insurance:


Most businesses started with an idea or a dream, the dream to one day do it better than its been done before.  To be a better contractor,  sell tastier food, invent and create a better product, offer better services or sell a better item.  Starting and running a business of any size involves a significant investment in time, money and heart.  The risks are often great, the work is usually hard but the reward can be immense.  Business insurance protects your investment by minimizing your financial risks associated with unexpected events such as an accident, a fire, the death of a partner, an injured employee, a lawsuit, a product recall, an injured client or third party or other tragic events.  

Business owners who are properly preparing their business for success always consider what might happen if there was an unexpected loss and how they would manage after that loss occurred.  Some business owners do not prepare properly and when a loss occurs, the business is closed, often with considerable debt to the owner, employees are discharged, assets are sold and the dream is over.  The former business owner goes back to being an employee for someone else, helping their dream become a reality.

An unexpected loss does not have to be the end of a business and the end of your dream.  A savvy business owner will protect his investment and dream by purchasing adequate insurance coverage to repay any unexpected losses while maintaining their operations, staffing and even continue growth with little interruption. 

If your business is a corporation your personal assets may be protected from business liabilities; however, no business structure is a substitute for high quality, complete and accurate insurance coverage.

State government guidelines determine some insurance requirements for many businesses.  In California all businesses with employees (even part timers) are required to maintain workers' compensation insurance policies to pay for injuries sustained by employees while in operation for the business.  Your state may require insurance for specific business activities. 

For example: if you own a car or truck and use it for business purposes, you may be required to purchase commercial auto insurance.  In California, trade contractors are required to carry surety bonds and often various types of insurance in order to perform operations, Non-Profit Organizations are required to adhere to the guidelines of the state and county managing entities. Often those entities require very specific levels of insurance protection.  A financial lender or investors may require you to maintain many types of business Insurance such as liability, property, business interruption, fire, flood, cyber, proffessional liability and many other types of insurance to protect their investments.  

The competent business owner or corporate officer requires the services of a highly knowledgeable insurance professional to guide them through these confusion and complicated requirements.

Personal Lines Insurance:

This line of business refers to coverage for liability or property associated with individuals or families.  Your home and your personal property such as automobiles, furniture, watercraft, jewelry etc. are the rewards for a lifetime of your hard work.  These items and your personal liability are as valuable (if not more valuable) than your business or professional assets.  Personal lines insurance coverage protects those assets and replaces them if damaged, stolen or destroyed.  Appropriate coverage for your Home or auto costs pennies on the dollar.  It is truly a tragedy when we hear of families who lose their home to a fire or other peril but find out that they did not pay the few hundred dollars per year for insurance that would have rebuilt their home, replaced their valuables, and placed them in housing until their home was rebuilt.  Insurance does more than repay property loss, insurance secures and rebuilds lives.

Life and Health Insurance:

We have alliances with brokers, agents and carriers that offer a wide array of policies for individuals and families as well as for small to large group plans.

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